Thursday, March 10, 2005

permits to prevent fortune-telling scams

I never been to a psychic, fortune-teller or card reader in my life, because I think fortune-telling make people worried and confused. Nobody can positive the fortune-teller is right, we do not have evidence to confirm that is true, so I refuse to go to fortune-telling. In my opinion, there are not so many people have special power, but I do believe they are exist. Maybe held a test is a good idea, it will be safer. People can choose fortune-teller which have license, however, I believe that life is made by myself. It would be no more fun to live any more if I already knew what my life is going to be.


About Fortune

About fortune by Kelly
Actually, I don’t have any real experience about psychic, fortune-teller or card reader. I can’t allow myself to go there, and when they tell you something about the future or the passed of you, I think I will feel weird about it. I ever heard my friend said that she ever been to a Chinese fortune-teller. She told me she feels amazing in what the fortune-teller says, and then she believed in everything. I don’t think every psychic, fortune-teller or card reader really knows something, but I believe maybe some of them really know about more than normal people. Although I don’t have any experience about it, I think I prefer to believe they have some special powers. I would feel safer going to one that is licensed in my city, but that is impossible to them have licensesIf they really have licenses, the public will feel safe and no more fraud. When the people have troubles, they can have an appeal to government.

Friday, February 25, 2005